What to do at 11pm and your child isn’t feeling the best.

My son came to me at 11pm last night with a raging throat discomfort. It was too late for urgent care and not dire enough to go to the emergency room. Essential Oils to the rescue!

I am so very thankful for natural solutions in my home when my kiddos aren’t feeling the best. Today’s “Do you dōTERRA daily” is how I helped my son with his raw throat.

When I need info on how to use my essential oils I have a few favorite books. The Essential Life, Modern Essential and Essentials of the Earth. If you don’t have any of these books there are several apps, google and there is always Pinterest. I try to stay away from Pinterest unless I have a ton of time to spend. (Anyone else think that time goes faster when you are looking on Pinterest?)

Here is the blend that we used last night to help his throat feel better.

This morning I did take my son to the doctor and I’m really glad I did as he has Strep. We got him a prescription and he is on the mend. He did ask to do the honey and oils again to help soothe his throat while he waited for his meds to kick in. I have a feeling tomorrow’s blog will be about how I use essential oils to “exercise” the house from the microscopic demons that have invaded.

Want more info on how to “dōTERRA daily” let’s set up a free Wellness Consult #DoyoudōTERRAdaily