Paintball hurts…for real!

This should be totally obvious, right? But everyone says how much fun it is, and it is, I guess I just thought they were exaggerating about the pain, they weren’t.

I guess I should explain a bit, a few years ago we started doing Christmas “experiences” rather than tangible gifts. Every year I try to do things I know we like and try something new. This year we escaped 2 different puzzle rooms, those we know we like. We did rock and roll bowling with the cousins, this we found out that we didn’t like. I guess I should preface that, we had a great time with the cousins but bowling isn’t our thing. And our final event was paintball. Ummm, lots of fun was had but wow that hurt lol.

No one told me that I would get hit in the head. I mean I know they have you wear a face mask, and thank goodness they did, but I should have been wearing a full helmet and body armor. I got beaned in the head twice, do you know what that feels like? It’s like being hit in the head with a rock.

The worst spot though was my inner thigh. For everyone’s sake I have forgone the pics that would normally accompany a post like this. As soon as I got hit I knew it was going to leave a mark, I bruise super easily. By the time I got home I already had a pretty impressive mark so I got out my oils and went to work.

Black and Blue Blend,
5 drops Helichrysum,
4 drops Lavender,
3 drops Cypress,
3 drops Lemongrass,
3 drops Geranium

Place in a 5ml roller bottle and top of with a carrier oil. I like fractionated coconut oils as my carrier. Apply often to skin as your body heals. People always ask me how often to apply, well that really depends on the situation. For this particular spot I found for ease of use I applied every time I used the Loo (see how I used the British name there and it sounds so cute rather than TMI, you’re welcome)

It is AMAZING how quickly these essential oils go to work to support my body in natural healing. What would normally take a week or more for my body to absorb was gone in less than 48 hours.