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“Mom’s Got An Oil For That!”  started from my love of essential oils and the idea of my becoming Nai Nai (Grandma). I started to look for books to read to my new grandson and realized there just aren’t any children’s books about essential oil usage.

Did you know that Moms knows how to fix anything?? Most of the time they can just kiss it all better but sometimes then need a little extra help. Good thing that “Mom’s Got An Oil For That!” From bumps and bruises to paying attention in class. “Mom’s Got An Oil For That!” explores all the many “fixes” that moms have at their fingertips. 

Each page of “Mom’s Got An Oil For That!”  has a new Mom and Child combination and the oils recipes for “Mom’s Fixes.”

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Moms everywhere use natural solutions to support their families everyday. “Mom’s Got An Oil For That!”  has real life recipes for many of the common everyday “Mom Fixes.”

Everyone will find a “mom” they can relate to in this book. There are a variety of moms from all different cultures loving their children of all abilities and helping with life’s daily boo boos. 

And if you don’t have a mom in your life right now… not to worry, more books are coming. “Watch for Dad’s Got An Oil For That!” Coming out next

I also want to let you know at least 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of each book will go directly to Signs of Hope International (SOHI). I say at least 10% because as book sales increase I will be able to donate more. If you don’t know about SOHI then read about it here. I am the Director of SOHI.  Myself and all of the board members are volunteers, so 100% of all of the donations go directly to the cause!

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Author Bio

Ronai Brumett

Hi, I am Ronai, and I have been on a journey. Life itself is a journey, one of new experiences, of learning from old ones, and of finding out who you are. I actually plan trips around which restaurants are along the way. I also LOVE to cook, however I hate to clean. I love being fit. In fact in a former life (20+ years ago) I was a bodybuilder and personal trainer. That is until I built 4 human bodies. That path led me to the greatest job, mom to 4 AMAZING humans and in December I became a Nai Nai (Grandma) to the cutest little boy we call Ticket. 

As a family we love: antiquing, playing games, reading, musical theatre and road trips. I have a huge capacity to love others, which makes me a bit of a hippie-wanna-be. I love people and hearing their stories. I love connecting. I love helping. I love people and hearing their stories. I love connecting. I love helping. My passion for who I am, for where I’ve been, and where I want to go… those all drive me on the journey to helping others. I am an American Sign Language enthusiast. I was an interpreter until the car accident that led me on a new journey with essential Oils. 

And now, who am I? I am still all of these things, but now I am also a Certified Essential Oils coach. I’d love to share with you how CPTG Essential Oils came into my life and began shaping a new journey – one that has helped me and my family heal from the past, and move forward in ways we could never have imagined. I share these stories in my classes, and I’ll be sharing many of them on the blog too (so be sure to subscribe!) My newest adventure is as an author sharing my Essential Oil knowledge and my recipes in fun books that you can share with your family and friends. I’m so glad you are making essential oils part of your journey too. Let’s go together, shall we? 

Illustrator Bio

I’m so excited to introduce to you my AMAZING Illustrator Christina Winther. Christina Winther is a Norwegian born freelance illustrator. She earned her degree in illustration at Høyskolen Kristiania in Oslo, after living in San Francisco and Zürich. With a background in teaching, literature and theatre from the university in Bergen, her passion is visual storytelling and character design. She illustrates books, reports and product packaging and her style is whimsical and semi-realistic. Her medium is a mix of ink, watercolour and colour pencils.Christina is a member of the Norwegian society of visual communications, Grafill. She lives in Oslo with her three children, a cat and a golden