Immune Support

Immune Support

I’m back! After a way too long break, I am back to writing. I don’t know about you but this whole pandemic thing has thrown my life into a bit of chaos. I needed to shift, well, everything to this new way of life. What didn’t change is my focus on health and wellness. It just became a lot more intense.

So, for this first Wednesday Wellness I want to talk about immune support. This has been my most talked about subject since March, second only to mood support which I will talk about next week.

First I want to know. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you drinking enough water? Are you moving your body and are you keeping a positive mindset? These things will do a TON for your immune system. I don’t know about you but I know that in the beginning of this pandemic I was eating way too many sweets, I might’ve even perfected my cinnamon rolls. But now I’m going to suggest that we lay off the sweets. Sugar will destroy your immune system. Does this mean cut out all the fun that life has to offer? No it just means to cut back and be conscious of what you are consuming.

Now for some helpful tips that are a lot easier to do than cutting out sugar completely.

1. Add citrus oils to your water. Citrus oils like Lemon, Lime and  Grapefruit are some of my favorites. This will not only help your water to taste great but will help your body eliminate unwanted extra in your body. Internal use naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion.

2. Use OnGuard daily to support your body’s immune system. You can use it aromatically, topically and internally. I like to put a drop or two of OnGuard on my feet every night and every morning. I use the OnGuard Cleaning products and the OnGuard hand sanitizer. There is a lot of research that has gone into OnGuard but for a quick (and educational) project that was done by a 5th grader check out this blog post.

3. A new Fav of mine to support my immune system is Stronger. I know it says it’s a kid’s blend but it is strong enough for an adult, you just need to apply it more often…no problem as I LOVE the aroma! I roll this on my neck, wrists and feet.

This is a good start, for more information on how to support your immune system, please check out some of my other blogs AND come to a free educational class. We have a bunch of them here!

I look forward to helping you along your journey of health and wellness.