Diffuse to get in the Mood!

Remember when I said yesterday that I haven’t decorated, at all. This is very true and to tell you the truth I’m feeling a bit less than festive. So today’s “Do you dōTERRA daily?” is how I changed that really fast.

Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse!!! It really didn’t take much, I just added Holiday Joy in the diffuser in the living room and Holiday Peace and Citrus Bliss in the diffuser in the kitchen. Both smell AMAZING and have put me in a right festive mood.

You might ask Why Holiday Peace and Citrus Bliss. I never would have thought of it myself but last month doTERRA did a BOGO and paired the two together and I thought I’d try it… MAGIC!!!

Just a heads up that tomorrow is Christmas and I will be (diffusing) taking the day off from writing to spend it being present with my family. I wish you and your’s health and happiness. Merry Christmas!