It’s time to celebrate!! (Yes I am dancing around right now to Kool and the Gang)

I have so very much in my life to celebrate; I have an amazing husband and we are getting ready to celebrate 24 years of marriage at the end of this month. We have 4 fantastic young adults that we’ve raised and we are proud of each of them and the paths that they have chosen to follow. 

It’s the holiday season and whatever holiday you choose to celebrate I honor your decision. As for me and mine we are celebrating Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus! The giving of gifts is fun, but I love our family tradition of giving time to each other. Spending time together is my favorite!

The thing that I would love to celebrate with all of you is honoring one of my best friends by sharing with you her talent. Last night Nicole Eveleth, Owner of MN Creative Studio, was honored by The Twin Cities Collective with 2 awards Best of the Twin Cities Award for Best Web Designer along with Best Graphic / Brand Designer. Woo Hoo!!!

What better way to show off her talent then to re-launch my website? 

Nicole has made this whole project effortless… for me anyway. A few simple questions and she knew exactly what I wanted, without me having to spell it all out (everyone knows I can’t spell, thank goodness for spell check). Thank goodness for Nicole, she is a magical fairy godmother especially for the busy small business owner that doesn’t have time to do anything more than run their own business. (That would be me) Or the small business owner that doesn’t know what it is she needs when it comes to branding, cards, website, social media guidance…etc (all me again)

Nicole, I know you were in shock last night when you received your awards but your bestie here and all of your clients were not. Your talent speaks for itself and we, your clients, all voted to show the rest of the Twin Cities our gratitude. 

Love you girl!

Now to really show off her talent…Welcome to my new website! Poke around, check it out and let me know what you think. I will be adding more classes and content after Christmas so make sure to come back often.

Cue more Kool and the Gang…