Aiming for a Better Night’s Sleep

A month ago, I traveled to Salt Lake City from Minneapolis to assist my daughter Ellie, and to help my first grandbaby enter this world! (I know, I can’t believe I’m a grandma either!!)  I was so blessed to be with Ellie on her journey to becoming a mother. And on December 22, 2020 She became a mom and I became a grandma, I became Nai Nai! That was my childhood nickname and I’m so excited to be called Nai Nai again. 

There were sleepless nights, 2 weeks on a couch is no joke. There was the exhausting hours of helping with labor and trying to catch a wink in the hospital, but I can say it was all worth it. It was all worth it because of our new bundle of joy, Owen Anders! Bringing him home was indeed a celebration!

For a first-time grandma, this transition was not easy. Caring for a newborn with inadequate sleep can be exhausting, but I survived the first few days and nights with him. How???? Essential oils of course!!

Did you know that applying doTERRA’s Balance to the soles of my feet at the beginning and end of the day helped me to feel calm and relaxed while helping my daughter take good care of Owen? Created with the purpose of grounding emotions, doTERRA’s Balance is formulated with emotionally beneficial essential oils that work together to create a sense of calmness and well-being. The calming and soothing blend of Balance encouraged me to have a restful night’s sleep. And…it smells so good, I super love it!

As I prepared for this special event in our family, I made sure to pack my Serenity and Breathe so I could diffuse them. This helps me create a restful mood and a peaceful environment for sleep, just like at home. 

doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend has a calming and relaxing aroma that can be sensed immediately, transporting the user to a state of blissful repose. ( Don’t you want Blissful repose in your life?) doTERRA Serenity combines essential oils renowned for their ability to create a restful environment at bedtime. 

These two are part of my nightly routine and are my bedside buddies!!!
If you are looking for some sleepy time help, feel free to reach out! I’d love to get to know you and answer any questions you might have! And please come to my free educational classes. Check them out here! I look forward to helping you get started OR continue on your journey to natural health and wellness.