Lemon Eucalyptus changing lives!!!

Let me tell you a powerful story about what is happening on the other side of that Lemon Eucalyptus bottle…

This is Melle pictured with one of our founders, Emily Wright. Melle lives in Lunga Lunga, near the Tanzania border in Kenya. It is one of the poorest regions in the country, with an average family income of less than $1 a day. Melle is one of several female farmers we employ in Lunga Lunga. She has eight children, and before dōTERRA, it was not uncommon for them to go days without eating because there wasn’t enough food to go around.

When doTERRA realized this region was ideal for growing tea tree plants, we knew we could bring industry and opportunity to people in desperate need. The doTERRA Sourcing Team gave Melle some young tea tree starts, helped her plant them, and taught her how to cultivate and care for them. Six months later, we returned to teach her how to harvest tea tree. She was paid immediately for the crop she had cared for. It was more money than she dreamed of making in her lifetime, and she will have a harvest every six months.

On that return trip, our sourcing team noticed some wild Lemon Eucalyptus growing around her farm… The wheels began turning. What if we could create another stream of income for Melle and the other farmers with the Lemon Eucalyptus?

Melle harvested, we distilled and to our delight, we were pleased to see that after our battery of quality testings, the Lemon Eucalyptus oil met our CPTG standards! But we didn’t stop there. We worked with her to set up a savings account and taught her how to budget her money. In three years Melle will have enough money to become a landowner through the program we have established for our small-scale farmer partners in the Lunga Lunga region!

How amazing is that?!

From day one, doTERRA has looked for every possible way to lift people up from beginning to end of the sourcing process starting with our wonderful farmers. This is not the easy way, nor the inexpensive way, but it’s the right way. And for doTERRA, that is the ONLY way.

Where we circulate our money matters. I am so proud to purchase and use my Lemon Eucalyptus and you should be too! Now you know the beautiful story on the other side of the bottle!For more on this story, check out this link: http://bit.ly/2oulKKl

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today Michael and I are celebrating 24 years of marriage. That seems unreal as I really don’t feel much older than 27.

***warning*** super mushy words ahead.

I just wanted to say publicly HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my love Michael.  Thank you for your kind heart and beautiful soul. Thank you for loving me through all the years and all my flaws. Thank you for 4 amazing kids and for being such an incredible dad, our kids are so blessed by you.

Thank you for never giving up even when things looked hopeless. Thank you for fighting for us through the hard times and for being so fun through the easy times.

You are my best friend and the best thing that ever happened to me and I plan on showing you how important you are everyday for the rest of our lives and beyond. 

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It’s time to celebrate!! (Yes I am dancing around right now to Kool and the Gang)

I have so very much in my life to celebrate; I have an amazing husband and we are getting ready to celebrate 24 years of marriage at the end of this month. We have 4 fantastic young adults that we’ve raised and we are proud of each of them and the paths that they have chosen to follow. 

It’s the holiday season and whatever holiday you choose to celebrate I honor your decision. As for me and mine we are celebrating Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus! The giving of gifts is fun, but I love our family tradition of giving time to each other. Spending time together is my favorite!

The thing that I would love to celebrate with all of you is honoring one of my best friends by sharing with you her talent. Last night Nicole Eveleth, Owner of MN Creative Studio, was honored by The Twin Cities Collective with 2 awards Best of the Twin Cities Award for Best Web Designer along with Best Graphic / Brand Designer. Woo Hoo!!!

What better way to show off her talent then to re-launch my website? 

Nicole has made this whole project effortless… for me anyway. A few simple questions and she knew exactly what I wanted, without me having to spell it all out (everyone knows I can’t spell, thank goodness for spell check). Thank goodness for Nicole, she is a magical fairy godmother especially for the busy small business owner that doesn’t have time to do anything more than run their own business. (That would be me) Or the small business owner that doesn’t know what it is she needs when it comes to branding, cards, website, social media guidance…etc (all me again)

Nicole, I know you were in shock last night when you received your awards but your bestie here and all of your clients were not. Your talent speaks for itself and we, your clients, all voted to show the rest of the Twin Cities our gratitude. 

Love you girl!

Now to really show off her talent…Welcome to my new website! Poke around, check it out and let me know what you think. I will be adding more classes and content after Christmas so make sure to come back often.

Cue more Kool and the Gang…

In it for the Long Run…

People ask me all the time, “Do you sell essential oils?” Me…”No, I’m an essential oils educator. I educate and I share an opportunity.” For me this is key, I have a problem with “Selling” to my friends. I LOVE essential oils. I think every house should be using it. I’m definitely “That oil lady” but to me selling is not my focus. My focus is to help people be healthy, physically and emotionally first. Now if financial healing happens along the way woohoo!!!

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme, a pyramid scheme or any other kind of scheme. In fact there is no “Scheme” to it at all. It is network marketing, a legitimate business. In network marketing there is always the next goal, that next rank to achieve. Don’t get me wrong goals and ranks are a good thing. It is a way that I can measure how many families I’ve helped, how many lives I’ve been able to touch through this great business…but these goals are not MY goals or what we refer to as our “why.” For me, I am in the business of building relationships. Helping families heal. That is the most important thing to me. Along the way yes this did turn into a “business”, but I’ve noticed when I turn away from my “why” (Helping people heal) then my business fails. When I focus on the individual that I can help, the family in need then I am able to help them and my business at the same time.

Spending time working with essential oils and taking on new team members to mentor I have learned the importance of investing in the long run and making sure others do as well. Think of what you feed your body. If you invest in fresh fruit and veg now, which can cost more (financially and with your time), instead of an over processed meal, which is cheaper and faster, in the long run what will that cost you consistently? More than likely a few heart surgeries and the cost of your overall health and wellness. Now I’ll ask you what is more cost effective and a better use of time? Just like eating healthy (and exercise), this is a long term investment, in people, in health and in finances. There is really no way to go wrong. Unless you don’t go.

There’s a mountain of encouragement to keep you going. “I think I can, I think I can.” “Keep your chin up.” “Reach for the stars.” All of these are great but the one that sticks with me? “If you don’t quit, you win.” Just don’t quit. I don’t want to climb ranks and propel through an ever increasing trajectory but I do want to help people and I want to live a healthy life. I don’t think I want to quit that and I think that’s a pretty good “win.”

If you are interested in the long-term benefits of using essential oils or sharing essential oils, let me know! I am “that oil lady” and loving sharing my oils.

What could be better than that.

If you would like more information about which essential oil brand I use that is safe for me and my family, please email me.

Sleep is important because…

Did you know that good sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle? Did you know that lack of sleep can be incredibly harmful to the body and decrease one’s quality of life? Everyone knows that diet and exercise are critical for a healthy lifestyle but equally important and arguably even more so is sleep.

Sleep is important because it is the time our bodies use to physically and mentally repair themselves. Lack of sleep affects nearly every organ in our bodies and has been associated with many health risks. Depriving our bodies of sleep affects our ability to maintain a healthy weight, influences our thoughts and actions, and negatively impacts our cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing.

So now that we know this… what can we do?

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Bug Off!!! – Natural Bug Repellent

I love to garden, I love getting fresh veggies that I had a part in growing. What I don’t love is that I live in Minnesota, Land of 10,000 lakes and unlimited mosquitos.

For years I would cover myself in deet and go outside only to come back in a little while later still covered in mosquito bites. I’d have to shower because I felt so gross from all the chemicals on my skin. But not anymore!!!

Thankfully I’ve found a natural bug repellent that actually works. doTERRA Essential oils are AMAZING!!! And here is a blend that my friend Micki sent me that is the best! THANK YOU Micki 🙂

Natural Bug Repellent

  • 30 drops Terrashield
  • 20 Cedarwood
  • 20 Lemongrass
  • 15 Arborvitae
  • Pinch Epson salt, Water and Fractionated coconut oil
  • 4oz glass spray bottle

Here is to a happy deet and bite free summer 🙂 What could be better than that??

Expensive Friend

I have a friend that lovingly calls me her “Expensive Friend.” It got me to thinking about my shopping habits and how my shopping habits have changed over the years. I thought I would take a few minutes and share my thoughts with you.

What is your first thought when you hear the words Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM? Most people (me included a few years ago) have a really bad taste in their mouth right now. Everyone knows that person that was promised that they would make it big in this MLM or here’s a “get rich quick” scheme. I’d like to help you change that old image and replace it with a new one.

As I look around my house I see the wonderful things that were introduced to me by my friends. Of course, the number one thing on my list are my doTERRA Essential oils that were introduced to me by my good friend Rebecca. She wasn’t trying to sell me a bunch of stuff I didn’t need. She saw that I was in pain and reached out to offer a solution and for that I will forever be grateful. I now share doTERRA daily, do I make money on this??? Yes, I do, but that is not my main focus. Helping others like Rebecca helped me is my focus.

Next is Choffy…oh my goodness how I love this chocolate yummy goodness every morning. My sweet friend LeeAnn got me hooked on Choffy, not because she was trying to sell me anything but because she is a sharing person and knew I would love it. Now it is my turn I share Choffy with others whenever they are over. Do I make money on this…nope I just love to share unique things when I find them.

How to order!!!!!!!!
1- Enter your order on my website below and click the party Days for Girls Fundraiser
2- PM me your order and I can call you to get your CC #
3- Order tonight at the party live with cash, check or Visa/MasterCard!

*Comment below after you order and you will be entered in another drawing for a



Guest Blogger: Rest for the Wicked

I’d like to introduce Eryn Stennes or as I like to call her my “Eryn Girl.” I’m not sure that I have the right words to describe someone that is so amazing. Eryn is married to her sweetheart, mother to 4 awesome crazy kids and loves being a Zumba instructor. (She even dragged me there once, don’t tell her but I really enjoyed it.) As my “Eryn Girl” she keeps me straight, making sure that I follow up with all of the things that need to get done with my rapidly growing team. Without her, lets face it, I’d be totally lost. Eryn is gifted as a writer and really enjoys researching anything that has to to with essential oils. She loves cupcakes, road trips, mason jars and Starbucks. I am so lucky that I get to work with this brilliant passionate woman but I’m even more blessed that I get to call her my dear friend. What could be better than that?

“No rest for the wicked.”  Earlier this week Ronai shared how she lost her voice, in part due to lack of rest.  We all know we need rest.  We hear the studies all the time: 7-8 hours of sleep for the average adult is recommended by multiple sources including Mayo Clinic and Sleep Foundation.org.  Do you get 7-8 hours of sleep a night? Do you laugh as hard as I do at that question?

You’re not alone.The CDC has call the lack of sleep a “Public Health Epidemic” (CDC, 2014) and the lack of sleep extends around the globe.  Check out where countries land on how much sleep they get?  Aside from that completely embarassing nod-off during the day there are 1,550 autobomile fatalities and 40,000 nonfatal automobile injuries annually in the United States (CDC, 2014).  Lack of sleep is killing us, literally.

Not only that but if I were to ask you what you do to aid in sleeping what would you say?  I know a lot of people that pop pills.  My personal horrible habit is turning the TV on.  Or the endless scrolling through a handful of different apps on my phone ::cough cough:: Facebook ::cough:: Pinterest ::cough:: Buzzfeed ::cough:: Instagram ::cough::.  Anyone with me?  With 4 kids, a working husband, teaching Zumba®, loving essential oils, and nannying part time I can hardly find time to rest much less sleep.  It’s as if my kids have installed buttons on all seats in the house that only trigger when I sit down.

ALL the things we have to do: Breakfast, get the kids to school (did they get all their homework done, nope, finish that math sheet), get to work (did I eat breakfast?), go to that meeting (did I read all 50 emails this morning?), skip lunch (urgent meeting schedule, I’m watching my weight anyway. Maybe I’ll grab a Starbucks on my way-YUM), realize we forgot to put the food in the crockpot (drive through it is), race home to get the kids (little Johnny was bullied again today, if I ever meet that kid’s parents!), start the homework with the kids (how much homework can a 2nd grader GET!), off to the activities (Sally has dance tonight, for THREE HOURS!), can I go to bed yet?  Now lets clean up from dinner (at least its just paper bags from drivethrough), get the kids ready for bed (just one more book), wait, you didn’t brush your teet? Now you need a drink? Why are you doing karate in your room at 9 PM!?  Fold some of the laundry (maybe it’ll get put away tomorrow. Probably not).  Did I even HUG my kids today?

Sit. Right now.  Are you sitting?  Good, now breathe.  Again.

When did you rest today?  Did you?

Some one wise once told me they didn’t schedule more than 2 nights, 3 tops, a week where their family was out of the house.  You and your family will not miss out on life because you didn’t participate in 3 activities.  You will miss out on life because you didn’t live it together.  You didn’t rest together.  The best times of my life are wrestling with my 4 kids in my living room.  Sure I’m proud of them when I watch them participate in sports! I’m prouder that they love to be together and know when to say they’ve had enough.  I’m proud they know when they’ve exhausted themselves and can’t push themselves any more.  I would be lying if I said I kept to 2 nights a week.  Most of the time we do but we have crazy weeks or a crazy month.  Heck this week has been insane, AND IT’S NOT OVER!  But I encourage you to keep sitting for 5 minutes.  Shut down your electronic device and just be.

You are good.  Your family is good.  Your life is good.  There is no wickedness here so rest.

I challenge you to have an electronics curfew.  Every electronic in the house is shut off (or ignored) after a certain time.  Go to bed before tomorrow starts and trust that what needs to happen will happen.  The laundry can wait.

If you would like more information about which essential oil brand I use that is safe for me and my family, please email me.


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