Michael and I are here in beautiful Hawaii!!! The spirit of Aloha is all around us.

This pic was after a 12 hour flight, tired but happy to be here.

Alōha! “A term generally associated with “Hello!” and “Goodbye!” Aloha also means love, compassion, kindness and grace. Its literal Hawaiian definition is “The presence of (Divine) breath.” It is taken from Alo = presence, front, or face and Hâ = breath.” How incredibly beautiful is that???

We here because we earned this trip by helping people learn how to use doTERRA in their daily lives. Maybe it was because they had a short-term problem that needed a quick, safe and effective solution? Maybe it was something that had been with them for a long time that they hadn’t been able to solve using traditional methods? Whatever the reason, we are so blessed to have been able to help them not only find a natural solution for what ailed them at the time, but we’ve also been able to help them continue to choose safe solutions for everyday normal things (toothpaste, laundry, skin care…etc)

If you are one of the amazing people that I mention above, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for reading this blog, and for trusting us with your health and wellness needs. Thank you for choosing into “Do dōTERRA daily.” Please let us know how we can continue to serve and guide you on this journey.

This is Emily Wright one of the founders of doTERRA. I’m so incredibly blessed by Emily and all of the founders. This is a company that really cares about their people.

For those of you curious about this thing called doTERRA please reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you and give you all the details. The cool thing about this company is that it is all about choices. There are those that choose in at the wholesale level. This is for those people that are not interested in selling, they want to learn safe solutions but aren’t interested in the business.

There are those that would love to share with friends and family and if they make enough money to get their own oils paid for in the process then all the better.

And there are those that would love to share with friends, family, co workers, random strangers in the grocery store…etc. Those are people like me who would also love to earn a beautiful incentive trip to a tropical place in the middle of the winter. (Did I mention that it was -35 degrees the day I left Minnesota to fly here.)

What ever your choice I’m here to support you. So… are you ready to take action in your life? Contact me for your Free Wellness Consultation. #doyoudōTERRAdaily



It’s time to celebrate!! (Yes I am dancing around right now to Kool and the Gang)

I have so very much in my life to celebrate; I have an amazing husband and we are getting ready to celebrate 24 years of marriage at the end of this month. We have 4 fantastic young adults that we’ve raised and we are proud of each of them and the paths that they have chosen to follow. 

It’s the holiday season and whatever holiday you choose to celebrate I honor your decision. As for me and mine we are celebrating Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus! The giving of gifts is fun, but I love our family tradition of giving time to each other. Spending time together is my favorite!

The thing that I would love to celebrate with all of you is honoring one of my best friends by sharing with you her talent. Last night Nicole Eveleth, Owner of MN Creative Studio, was honored by The Twin Cities Collective with 2 awards Best of the Twin Cities Award for Best Web Designer along with Best Graphic / Brand Designer. Woo Hoo!!!

What better way to show off her talent then to re-launch my website? 

Nicole has made this whole project effortless… for me anyway. A few simple questions and she knew exactly what I wanted, without me having to spell it all out (everyone knows I can’t spell, thank goodness for spell check). Thank goodness for Nicole, she is a magical fairy godmother especially for the busy small business owner that doesn’t have time to do anything more than run their own business. (That would be me) Or the small business owner that doesn’t know what it is she needs when it comes to branding, cards, website, social media guidance…etc (all me again)

Nicole, I know you were in shock last night when you received your awards but your bestie here and all of your clients were not. Your talent speaks for itself and we, your clients, all voted to show the rest of the Twin Cities our gratitude. 

Love you girl!

Now to really show off her talent…Welcome to my new website! Poke around, check it out and let me know what you think. I will be adding more classes and content after Christmas so make sure to come back often.

Cue more Kool and the Gang…