BRRRR…It’s Cold Outside! Air-X to The Rescue!

February is another cold month in Minnesota… as in, EXTREMELY cold! This is the time of year  I stay at home doing my work online and catch up on those home projects I’ve been meaning to get to. 

For some, extreme cold weather can cause discomfort as it triggers trouble in breathing. Luckily for me, I have an amazing natural solution that helps me deal with this discomfort while staying at home and doing those extra chores.

Today’s “Do you dōTERRA daily?” is all about getting fresh air and inviting a sweet aroma in your home despite the cold weather outside. Indoor plants and Air-X to the rescue!!

I needed to do something about the quality of air in my house so this weekend I added a few new indoor plants to clear the air naturally and to purify the air I breathe. And… they make me feel better! I love the extra green and the sight of living things when outside looks so bleak and dead. (Side note: Before you bring a new plant home, please make a research first to those that are kid and pet safe because some plants can be poisonous.)

This is the new plant stand I just added
Improve the air in your home with Air-X!

I’m going crazy over my AirX Blend. You guys know how much I love Citrus Bliss? I love Air-X almost as much, it is really that good!!

Air-X is a blend of essential oils with an intense citrusy, woody, and faintly herbal aroma, It is designed to help freshen the air and create a calm yet energizing atmosphere when diffused. Check this dōterra blog for the usage tips!

I diffuse Air-X to help purify my air, which has an AMAZING effect! Experimental research suggests that Litsea, an essential oil used in Air-X, soothes and promotes feelings of openness and may provide cleansing benefits. I love the idea that it is enriched with a combination of Litsea, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Cardamom oils meant to help cool and enliven the body, and it helps me breathe better…bonus!!

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One more thing to really help improve the air quality in your home, have your ducts cleaned. If you are in the Twin Cities metro area I highly suggest Clean Air Restoration. Not only are they amazing to work with, they will also run doTERRA oils through your ducts for an extra clean! Mention “Ronai” (that is pronounced Row Nay) for a special discount.

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