Have you ever just met people and new that you would be fast friends? So you invite them to do something crazy and out of your comfort zone and it completely solidifies that friendship??? Yeah that totally happened today!

Last week Michael and I were in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico on the doTERRA Incentive trip that we earned. (See Previous post) One of the coolest things about these trips are the people in doTERRA that you meet that aren’t on your team but are totally supportive of your growth.

Last year I met this amazing woman Jennifer and we just hit it off right away. We hung out on the beach, by the pool and all over the resort talking about life and business. We kept in touch all year and were so excited to be on the trip again this year.  

Tuesday night we planned to have dinner together, dinner for 3 soon turned into dinner for 8 as Jen collected friends throughout the day. Such a fun surprise when Alex and Becky show up (we met them last year) and Jason and Nandi who I met earlier that day and Lynn, Jen’s roommate. We had a great dinner and then Michael and I talked them into doing a Zip Line Excursion on Thursday. BEST DAY EVER!!! We didn’t just zip line we raced through the jungle on ATV’s, did indoor skydiving, rappelled from a tree, did this sort of Ninja warrior thing climbing up a cargo rope ladder into the trees, almost pee’d myself on the pendulum swing and went down an EPIC water slide! We ended it all with delicious hand tossed tortillas that were out of this world.

We weren’t allowed to take our phones with us which was actually a good thing so we could just be present and fully in the moment. (sorry no cool selfies) But the pictures they took are AMAZING (also why this blog is a few days after the fact) It was really nice to just be present, take in the scenery, physically interact and not be pulled away by a text, call or some other electronic distraction.

The conversations that we had were real, light hearted, totally deep and hilarious! I loved the sharing of essential oil knowledge and actual oils (we passed them around each person having different oils that someone needed), business tips and life in general.

One of the hardest things I did was taking a step off of a perfectly good, really high in the trees, platform to bungee/rappel from a tree. I knew I was harnessed, I knew it was safe and yet it was so hard to take that leap of faith and just let go. Right before my turn Becky asked me, “What are you going to release when you jump?” It was such a cool thought, I could not only get over this fear but release something else in the process. I decided to let go of my scarcity mindset over a few different things I’m dealing with. I took that step and released…my fear, my scarcity mindset and a huge scream. It felt AMAZING!!!

I can not express to you my gratitude for that day. For the friendships forged and the physical and emotional release that I felt throughout the whole experience. If you would like to try this out for yourself, I highly suggest Vallarta-Adventures and do the Extreme Zip Line Adventure. The staff there are fun, silly and incredibly professional.

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