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I’m Not Okay…That’s Okay

May is Mental Health Awareness month, I am so grateful that mental health awareness is becoming so mainstream. This is something that should be talked about openly and often. I have lost friends and family members due to mental health issues. I have close friends and family member that deal with different mental health issues, […]

You never licked the sidewalk???

Ok this seems to be my week for letting go of fear and embarrassment for things that I do or say. Here goes…when they first released Cedarwood my first thought was “this smells like when you are little and you lick the hot cement sidewalk” Yep you read that right. I had the unfortunate luck […]

Rachel Hollis called me on my BS

So I have something that I’m a bit ashamed to admit… but then I was listening to Rachel Hollis’s new book Girl Stop Apologizing and I thought, “OK time to out myself” In her new book Rachel is talking about getting fake boobs and loving when she’s all made up with hours worth of makeup. […]

I LOVE my Postal Delivery Person!!!

Lets talk about Monthly subscription boxes…oh my goodness they rock!!! So the hottest new things are these Monthly subscription boxes like Cause Box, Mostess or Stitch Fix. How fun!! I love getting something in the mail and who doesn’t love a surprise? Well except what if the stuff that shows up isn’t exactly what you […]


Have you ever just met people and new that you would be fast friends? So you invite them to do something crazy and out of your comfort zone and it completely solidifies that friendship??? Yeah that totally happened today! Last week Michael and I were in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico on the doTERRA Incentive trip […]

I Earned It!!!

I’m in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!!! Its 85 and sunny, back home the Polar Vortex is raging with incredibly low temps and dumping tons of snow. I EARNED it. Its so funny this is the 4th time that I’ve earned the incentive trip with doTERRA and each time people will say “that’s so cool that you […]

Don’t Yuck Someone Else’s Yum

This is a phrase that I learned from a good friend of mine Wade Fields when our kids were young and I used it all the time at the dinner table. Now I find that I use it on myself sometimes when talking about essential oils. It may come as a shock to you but […]

Paintball hurts…for real!

This should be totally obvious, right? But everyone says how much fun it is, and it is, I guess I just thought they were exaggerating about the pain, they weren’t. I guess I should explain a bit, a few years ago we started doing Christmas “experiences” rather than tangible gifts. Every year I try to […]

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today Michael and I are celebrating 24 years of marriage. That seems unreal as I really don’t feel much older than 27. ***warning*** super mushy words ahead. I just wanted to say publicly HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my love Michael.  Thank you for your kind heart and beautiful soul. Thank you for loving me through all the […]