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Michael and I are here in beautiful Hawaii!!! The spirit of Aloha is all around us. Alōha! “A term generally associated with “Hello!” and “Goodbye!” Aloha also means love, compassion, kindness and grace. Its literal Hawaiian definition is “The presence of (Divine) breath.” It is taken from Alo = presence, front, or face and Hâ […]

Diffuse to get in the Mood!

Remember when I said yesterday that I haven’t decorated, at all. This is very true and to tell you the truth I’m feeling a bit less than festive. So today’s “Do you dōTERRA daily?” is how I changed that really fast. Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse!!! It really didn’t take much, I just added Holiday Joy in […]

Quick and Easy Gift Idea!

Today’s “Do you dōTERRA daily?” is actually yesterdays. Oops…if you have a problem with this being a day late then you can go back and read the blog from last week titled “Ugh… I’m Sorry” Yesterday was my daughters bridal shower. It was an extremely busy, beautiful day. I made sure to ask the blushing […]

Are your hands holdable?

Today’s “Do you dōTERRA daily?” is inspired by my dirty carpets. Ok really its inspired by Tim Ross of My Trusted Carpet Cleaners. If you are local and need your carpets/tile cleaned I HIGHLY recommend Tim. He is friendly, respectful and you can’t beat his price or the quality of his work…check out this before […]

Yum, Yum, YUMMY!

Today’s “Do you dōTERRA daily?” is YUMMY!!!Want to make the holidays delicious? Want to make some comfort food for a friend or family member? Then you’ll definitely be adding these Mini Cinnamon Rolls with Cinnamon Bark essential oil to your list of favorite desserts. Enjoy the warm, buttery comfort of these soft rolls delicately drizzled […]