Hi, it’s me again… Ronai

So far in my journey I have discovered that I am a foodie…no really my life revolves around what my next meal will be.

I actually plan trips around which restaurants are along the way. I also LOVE to cook, however I hate to clean. I am a collector of Mason jars, fabric and projects (most of which I eventually finish.) I am an American Sign Language enthusiast. I was an interpreter until the car accident that led me on a new journey, to Certified Pure Theraputic Grade (CPTG). I love being fit. In fact in a former life (20+ years ago) I was a body builder and personal trainer. That is until I built 4 human bodies. That path led me to the greatest job, mom to 4 AMAZING kids. As a family we love: antiquing, playing games, reading, musical theatre and road trips. I have a huge capacity to love others, which makes me a bit of a hippie-wanna-be. I love people and hearing their stories. I love connecting. I love helping. My passion for who I am, for where I’ve been, and where I want to go… those all drive me on the journey to helping others. And now, who am I? I am still all of these things, but now I am also an essential oils educator. I’d love to share with you how CPTG Essential Oils came into my life and began shaping a new journey – one that has helped me and my family heal from the past, and move forward in ways we could never have imagined. I share these stories in my classes, and I’ll be sharing many of them on the blog too (so be sure to subscribe!) I’m so glad you are making essential oils part of your journey too. Let’s go together, shall we? Contact us for more information or click here to see dates of scheduled Free Essential Oil classes.

How it all came to be…

My essential oil story

Anyone who knows me – or has met me on a plane or anywhere else – knows that I think, live, breathe, eat, and sleep essential oils essential oils. Many of you don’t know the reason why and some of you who do have asked me to put it in writing somewhere. So here we go writing it down and here we go with my very own website! If you know me really well, you might know that as much as I love talking (and talking and talking), I don’t enjoy writing. I do love telling my story and even more I love helping people, so this site is here to help inform you and help me get over my hesitations regarding the written word. Thanks for pushing me to get here.

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