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About Essential Oils

What is an Essential Oil? If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essentialoils.


plant families which produce essential oils


rose petals to produce 1 ounce of rose oil

Aiming for a Better Night’s Sleep

A month ago, I traveled to Salt Lake City from Minneapolis to…
5 Tips to a Healthier Holiday Season

5 Tips to a Healthier Holiday Season

By Kristina Swanson, RDN, LDN The holidays are a time filled…
Ouch!! Now What?

Ouch! Now what???

by Dr. Molly King  Ouch!  You’ve sprained…
Immune Support

Immune Support

I’m back! After a way too long break, I am back to writing.…


Michael and I are here in beautiful Hawaii!!! The spirit of Aloha…

Icy roads, white knuckles and neck tension

(This post was written on Dec 28th, Due to a death in the family…