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Where do we go from here?

So many of us find ourselves feeling a little lost at some point in our life.

  • The kids are nearly grown or already out of the house.

  • We've hit many milestones in our career leaving us wondering what's next in our professional lives.

  • Our bodies are changing, and we aren't sure what to do to feel like ourselves again.

  • We feel tired emotionally from all of the changes that have happened in recent years.

  • Overall, we feel a little stuck and aren't sure where we should go from here.

We know what its like to feel a little stuck.

Ronai is here to help you:

  • Create clarity around your next steps in your home, career, and personal situations

  • Address those annoying health issues that are making your days a challenge

  • Identify where your personal strengths lie and how to use them to create a life you feel great about

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs about what you are capable of

  • Identify and release old emotions that are impacting your ability to take action today

You do not have to struggle through these things on your own.

Hi, I'm Ronai!

As a mom of 4, wife, and professional woman, I understand what it's like to face the changing seasons of life.

I love sharing the tools and techniques that have helped me to personally move forward when I'm feeling stuck.

Uncovering and healing old emotional baggage, stepping into better health, feeling clear on where we want to go in our next phase of life - all of these things are a part of the process of stepping into our best selves.

How Can Ronai Help??

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Essential Oils for Day-to-Day Health

Ready to jump in?? Here's the Plan:

Step 1. Identify what areas you are struggling with the most.

Step 2. Jump on a 15-minute complimentary call to see how Ronai can help.

Step 3. Implement our done-for-you plan to help you find clarity & purpose

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"Ronai lives and breathes this challenge...and the amazing healing oils! She is den Mama! I felt safe and empowered and at peace.... which is a huge win! This course is for anyone who needs to reclaim their life and embrace their true self again...with love and confidence! Thank you, Shannon! You are so passionate and committed to all of us and I am so grateful for this amazing transformation!"

Laura (Peoria, IL)

"Ronai has a strong passion to help women move forward and overcome the deep effects of trauma. Her genuine concern for those she works with is evident from the first conversation. I highly recommend this course for anyone that has been subjected to any type of abuse or trauma. It's unlike anything you have ever experienced before."

Zena (Washington, IL)

So many women reach a certain point in life when they are feeling a little stuck. Sometimes is happens little by little, other times it happens all at once.

We've spent years taking care of everyone else. So as our kids move out and we've hit certain milestones in our careers and marriages, we find ourselves wondering what's next?

Our bodies have changed and we have a variety of annoying health issues: weight gain, trouble sleeping, head tension, mood swings, aches & pains...

We need a plan to move forward, to figure out what those next steps need to be.

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